Frankie Hsu

A Brooklyn-based mixed media artist, Frankie Hsu creates abstract fluid paintings through the embodiment of textural patterns found within nature and the cosmos.

Heavily inspired by the nuances of natural phenomenons around the world, she has felt a draw to find the spiritual connection between the human mind and nature. She looks to create visual portals within her pieces; to explore the ethereal quality of natural elements and its ability to soothe the human spirit. 

With classical training in acrylic and Chinese painting, she has turned to more experimental mediums such as resin and alcohol ink to create a newfound style of work. The technique of building layers with different mediums create a depth within her artwork that reflect her love of the cosmic and celestial mysteries. 

She received a Bachelor’s of Fine Art at Pratt Institute in 2010 with a Presidential Merit Scholarship in which she has pursued a career as an Art Director in the fashion and luxury advertising world. After more than 10 years in the industry, Hsu has returned to the roots of her passion of creating artwork that seeks to create action and awareness of the necessity of the preservation of nature. Her work currently resides in a multitude of private collections in the US, Europe, and Asia. 

Frankie Hsu Artist Portrait

Photo credit: www.luciebphoto.com



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